Research into agricultural methods past and present started back in the early 1980s.

Documents from the 1950s, republished by Borderland Science & Research Foundation in California, described in detail the extremely successful use of the DeLand system. It was stated that in the citrus orchards the greatest expense was incurred in purchasing 2x4s to prop up the branches.

However farmers were threatened that their farm loans would be called in if they did not purchase their required allocation of herbicides and fertilizers from the agri-chemical companies.

It was not generally recognized at that time that the same group (which we today call the Illuminati) owned all the farming related industries - banking, agri-chemicals, petro-chemicals, agricultural equipment and supplies. They had no option but to comply with these demands.

With hunger an acute problem worldwide today, coupled with a lack of nutrition in products which are dispersed to the general public, there is an urgent need to examine and resolve the matter.

It has been said that in the worst scenario all of Man's nutritional needs can be met by spelt, whey and water.

Spelt is an ancient grain which has remarkable properties, including support of the immune system, and can be used by those who are allergic to wheat in bakery products. Immune system enhancement can apparently also be achieved through beer and coffee made from spelt, something which should be confirmed by laboratory reports today. The husks can also be used as fill in pillows (providing a more comfortable, restful sleep) and as insulation in construction, making it truly a multi-purpose project, so it will be given a high priority when consideration is given to selecting farm crops. However, it does require the right environment in which to flourish.

Although such plans had been published periodically in the '80s and '90s, the power of the agri-chemical industry continued to present an insurmountable hurdle - but that power base is about to collapse, therefore now is the moment to plan the resurgence of organic farming and contribute to the general health of the public worldwide.

So-called 'Organic farming' appears to have been taken over by certain conglomerates, who dictate the rules: this also will disappear with the implementation of NESARA. In Canada, for instance, rules are mandated by an American commercial company.

The spread of GMO (genetically modified) seeds and products must also be halted as they contribute nothing to the wellbeing of mankind, being part of the Depopulation of the Planet program and the control over the world's food resources by a cartel - see EIR (Executive Intelligence Review) Special Report of 1995 12 08 by Marcia Merry Baker entitled "Who is responsible for the world food shortage?"


A Message received by Milson (early 1990s) from
Archangel Michael

"The land must be worked. The farming community world-wide, but particularly in the Western world, has lost some of the understanding of what it means to deal with or work the land.

Land, you see, is never owned but is passed on from generation to generation. It is inherited or indeed passes through different 'owners.' It is how you relate to Mother Earth that allows her to give you her best, rather than her worst. Relationship in all formats is still very symbolic in one direction. All parts and parcels of life work together, there is no such thing as being out in left field and isolated. The relationship to land, as it unfolds your personality, is indeed to cleanse it. The process of cleansing is here to work with the elements of earth. The elements of Earth understand only Earth. Therein in its simple terms the lifeforms, although not seen by the eyes of human beings, are still very real.

The essence of a tree is still very real, the essence of the growth upon and throughout Mother Earth is very real. This does not infer that one should start making sacrifices in the four quarters of one's property - it simply means here that one pays respect in the ancient traditional methodologies of Nature worship. Nature worship means here that in the seasons of the full moon and the new moon certain blessings are sent forth upon the land, and at solar equinox times certain other blessings are given forth.

There is also an affinity with the land from the individual's body of Light. Your physical being is a vehicle like a tractor: and there is a driver upon the seat - the driver is your body of Light, this is the real you that continues beyond birth and death but is the part that makes affinity with land, so making the retrospect and the respect of overture allows a piece of property to be valuable because it is alive not dead.

Deserts do have their life in them, but they are in an embryonic state, so it is also of the polar caps and regions that are inhospitable - they are going through phases of change to the life elementals. So it is that the Elementals can be invoked and the land can become very profitable in more ways than one but it is your heart and soul that has an affinity to it. Not just saying it and wishful thinking but this is for a moment in silence. When one sits around the table to say grace it is Grace in unifying to the ground (earth), and the benefits that such ground shall offer, and there is always receive, and give that which you are willing to give.

One must give understanding to the Elementals that there is a partnership of equal terms. No-one is higher-up, no-one is a king or emperor: there is working together in equality-partnership-linking.

But all these are just words. The essence, and in reference to your question, understand here that part and parcel there is a higher philosophy that must enter into the picture. That of simply mundane tilling of the soil and allowing just hopefully that the bills can be met, whether in the city or in rural areas, is part and parcel the overall cause of the deficits, debts and calamities that are occurring. There is disrespect to Mother Earth and it is not enough to go around with a banner saying "Stop pollution" at some pulp and paper mill - this is making the overture to Mother Earth directly.

There is a whole system of it. The honorary system of Wicca, which is a very ancient tradition, even before the time of Christ, and was indeed very powerful to the tilling of the soil as well as making overtures to your own prosperity, is still a working viable enterprise. Doesn't mean as we said to go out on left limb and to create all kinds of eyebrow-raising by neighbors. It can be done very quietly. It can be done with your own mind, but there is the essence which links to all of life that will indeed make you very powerful. If it is still to be avoided by quick little trips we apologise but we can't resolve the problems from that standpoint. The overall concept has to be taken into consideration. End of sermon!"


If the services were offered as such solely to the farming community, there could be reticence to invest in something which is not currently known and which has no generally recognized successful application. This is why farmland must be acquired initially and the systems tested in these fields which are under our complete control, so that the results can be tabulated, filmed and then promoted the following year.

The only reports - and photographs - for the DeLand equipment are now 50 years old, which does not invalidate them but is a disadvantage in selling the idea to today's farmers.

Other current systems are promoted by their manufacturers and would have to be purchased from them as backup programs.

The cultivation of the land and production of food crops can scarcely be considered much of a risk when the world's current need for food is so overwhelming.


The cost of such a project covers the acquisition of lands and equipment, the hiring of farm specialists, the construction of systems and travel to various parts of the country, as well as abroad.

It will also require back-hoe operators and instructors to teach the installation of the systems, and to teach others to teach, as the knowledge must be spread rapidly in order to make a useful contribution to solving the world's hunger problem. .


First Year Capital Costs: $563,750
First Year Operating Cost: $2,827,800
Subsequent Annual Costs: $15,833,870
Five year Plan: dependent on funding level


The project will be managed by 21st Century Science & Technology Foundation.

Funds received will be placed in a special account for this project in the Royal Bank of Canada.

The headquarters will be located in the Greater Vancouver area, possibly in conjunction with other humanitarian ventures.


  1. Acquisition of Land: Land will be acquired in different climatic areas by negotiating with selected existing farmers or land-owners to buy-out their property, stock and equipment, after appraisal of its value, paying off all outstanding indebtedness (once qualifying debts have been cancelled under post-NESARA conditions); entering into an agreement with the farmer and specified members of the family, to continue to work and maintain the farm under the conditions stipulated under this program, with the farmer remaining in residence on the property, probably as manager.

    Preferably the land obtained should historically be free of pesticides and herbicides. If not, there are procedures that will restore the land to its natural state, but that process will be carried out with a compensating charge against the purchase of the land. The land will be extensively examined of course before purchase.

    An alternative would be to rent or otherwise enter into an agreement with landowners, but such an arrangement often falls short of ensuring complete control, especially activities on neighbouring fields, which could interfere with the efficacy of the methods introduced.

    By acquiring land in different geographical/climatic areas the beneficial results from the system on various types of crops can be identified and recorded in order that farmers worldwide can benefit from these innovations.

  2. Acquisition of equipment and manufacturing facilities: the equipment needed to manufacture the parts required to install the DeLand system will be either contracted out to suitable suppliers or the operation will be acquired in order to exercise quality control.

    A surveyor, backhoe and operator will be required for installation work. This may comprise of a team which will be sent around the various facilities on an ongoing basis to install the systems countrywide. The system is only installed once as it should last a lifetime.

    Other systems may be used in conjunction with this system, but it might be preferable to have different systems operating in different areas, so that the benefits can be more clearly ascribed to specific systems. Sonic Bloom is one such system that might be tried, but it is already in commercial manufacture.

  3. Steps in Preparation of the Land:
    • Decontamination of the land by using soil samples from all individual land segments (those separated by natural or man-made delineations) and using decontamination procedures;
    • Removal of all stones from the fields to be cultivated; these stones are stored and returned to the land in the form of rock-dust (repeated every seven years);
    • One-time installation of the soil energizing system and any supplementary systems;
    • Strategic planting of trees as necessary throughout the farm.

  4. Marketing:
    On the lands acquired, profitable agricultural, horticultural and aqua-culture programs will be run.

  5. Ancillary Systems:
    A number of natural systems will be introduced to complement the main activities. They are often overlooked in farming today:
    1. The seeding of pasture land with wildflowers to encourage the bee population and the provision of hives to support the bee colonies. A valuable by-product would be the resultant organic honey.
    2. The use of simple and cost-effective methods for control over pests and disease (such as using guinea-fowl or chickens to keep down bugs), overlooked today on account of the advertising power of the agri-chemical industry.
    3. The planting of trees and hedgerows to influence micro-climates
    4. As the soil energisation system is labour-intensive, job-creation will keep teams of able-bodied individuals in work for as long as new systems are required. The system could be partly pre-manufactured for efficiency, creating a need for low-tech manufacturing plants and the employment of semi-skilled labour on the production line throughout the year.
    5. There are rock-dust operations at the moment, but this will increase the requirement and call for stricter observation of the essentials in application - the rocks should be of local origin, not imported. In other words, stones removed from the field should be stored ('stocked') for future reuse as rock dust.


    For maximum effect an entire farm of one section (640 acres) or more should be obtained. Stewarding the portion of Mother Earth that the farm consists of will realize much greater benefits to all than just undertaking one project within the farm, therefore the whole operation of the farm must be taken into account.

    The planting of trees on the properties will increase the availability of oxygen locally, help to attract adequate rainfall and contribute to an overall healthy environment. The energized soil will allow more exotic, and profitable, plants and trees to be cultivated, such as the Black Walnut (worth $90,000 each when mature). Energized or structured water will have a lasting, positive effect on the entire neighborhood and its natural water distribution systems.

    The soil detoxification process is a fast, safe process with no negative side-effects.

    With little need for fertilizers - an application of rock-dust once every seven years is sufficient for areas using the soil energizing systems, which is known to increase crops by as much as 500% or more, at less cost and with more resultant nutrition in the harvest. This system was extremely effective back in the '40s and '50s, but was suppressed by the agri-chemical industry. This will also eliminate the undesirable, current runoff of salts into local water supplies and improve the immediate environment.

    It had been suggested that 'underground farming' would be one of the promising developments in the future, protecting crops from extremely high winds, tornados and other extreme climatic conditions, but we believe the situation has changed and such dramatic weather conditions will not be experienced, or that these systems will provide adequate protection against weather extremes.

    The overall result will be high profitability coupled with low annual overhead; increased harvest and nutritional value in crops, accompanied by environmental improvement; utilisation of volcanic lava as a soil recovery agent; conversion of rocks to rockdust as fertiliser; and the creation of jobs as well as a manufacturing opportunity for soil energy systems.

© Dr Milson Macleod 2006

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