Sustainable use of water by Austrian farmer Sepp Holzer. Fishponds on a mountain farm: an unusual sight at these altitudes. On an Austrian mountain, permaculture farmer Sepp Holzer created more than 70 ponds and wetland areas covering about 3 hectares. ----- See www.ecofilm.de for more about Sepp Holzer.

Water in the Desert - Fish Farming Guide

Fish Farming Recirculating systems
Advancing Indiana Aquaculture

10,000 fish 500 yards compost

Shrimp and Vegetables
and human Symbiotic relationship
in Japanese and (Japanese) English!

'HEMP for VICTORY' (1942)
U.S. Government World War II Department of Agriculture Film (1942)

(14 minutes)

Hemp Can Restore Our Economy and Our Independence

There is a lot at stake in our country due to continued prohibition that is not only expensive but un-necessary.
We have farmers out of work because of the strength of the world market, many countries of which have the right to grow hemp.
The USA consistantly buys over 11 million barrels of oil a day from foreign sources (462 million gallons of gas).
The staggering cost of this fuel is beyon 1.25 BILLION dollars each day, or 457 BILLION dollars per year.
There is no doubt that we already spend more on prohibition than we do on most other social services in this country.
According to Professor Jeffery Miron of Harvard we will save 70 Billion dollars just from not having to enforce prohibition on consumer cannabis.
But this doesn't even begin to touch the economical and environmental benefits of industrial hemp production.
The net gain over all hemp products, including hemp fuel, hemp food, hemp clothing, hemp cosmetics, etc is astounding and nearly unmeasurable as it has near limitless potental.
In 1938 Popular mechanics magazine reported hemp to be the "Billion dollar crop", and that was before we started importing fuel.
After you consider inflation, and our increased need for localized fuel production, that figure of one billion is increase expodentially.<

Thank you for taking the time to review this video and the contents in the links below. Prohibition violates our rights of "Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness". Lets redeclare our rights!

LEAF [Juicing Raw Cannabis]

Leaf introduces Dr. William Courtney and Kristen Peskuski of Cannabis International; along with the people involved in researching, promoting, regulating and benefiting from raw cannabis.

(15 minutes)

Hemp Car - Kestrel

Dec 9, 2010
Hemp is an industrial resource that is banned in the U.S. Check out this electric car built IN CANADA from hemp plastic.

Who Killed the Honey Bee - Part 1 of 4
Full Documentary by BBC Four

A fascinating look at the beekeeping business and the disturbing trend of Colony Collapse Disorder, which is killing honey bees at such an alarming rate that it threatens agriculture worldwide.

Seemingly, no single factor is the cause of CCD. It appears that a combination of environmental stressors may set off a cascade of events that contribute to a colony where weakened worker bees are more susceptible to disease.

Part 2 ..... Part 3 ..... Part 4

A Guide to Keeping Hens In Your Garden
(Second Sight Productions, I hr 17 minutes)

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Agriculture: Feed My Sheep, winter harvest, Copyright: Milson Macleod 1990
Winter Harvest, Copyright: Milson Macleod 1990
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Agriculture: Feed My Sheep, winter apples, Copyright: Milson Macleod 1990
Winter Apples, Copyright: Milson Macleod 1990

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